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We know that staying up-to-date with all of Amazon’s changes and best practices is more than a full-time job. After all - the company behind The Marketplace Institute and this weekly newsletter is Bobsled Marketing, a leading Amazon-focused digital agency that has helped hundreds of consumer brands to grow & protect their Amazon sales channel since 2015. 

The requirement to stay current isn’t limited just to early-stage Amazon professionals however, advanced-level Amazon channel managers and service providers also find it necessary to spend hours each week sifting and sorting through the latest Amazon news and developments, trying to figure out “what does this mean to me?”

Introducing: the Amazon Weekly News Digest

That’s why we started publishing this weekly news digest in mid-2019, first for clients at Bobsled Marketing, and then for Marketplace Institute members. Every edition of the digest recaps the news item (new features, algorithm changes) but also answers the critical question: what does this mean for brands? Readers can immediately grasp the relevance of the news to their company or clients, and move forward. 

Every Friday morning we publish both as a written email news digest and an audio edition of the digest (approx 30 minutes). These digests are meaty, and provide unique insights. As such they are shared only with clients and paying members.

Please note that this is a paid newsletter only: while I have left up some samples of past editions, only paying subscribers receive future editions every Friday & access to the Office Hours calls.

Also included: Office Hours conference calls

Office Hours calls serve as a platform for members to ask questions about both new Amazon developments, or well-trodden best practices. As a paying member, you get to both submit questions and listen in on what other members are asking about.

On past Office Hours calls we’ve discussed:

  • best practices for product packaging inserts

  • how much to spend on Amazon PPC advertising

  • what factors affect organic product ranking

  • how to increase wholesale COGS as a vendor

  • how to avoid ‘suppressed items’ errors

  • best practices for Sponsored Display ads

Office Hours are held at 11AM Eastern Time (US) every second Tuesday, with replays available for members. View a sample Office Hours replay.

What Subscribers & Members are saying

Ecommerce Directors, Amazon Channel Managers, National Sales Managers and anyone else responsible for outcomes in the Amazon channel, find this an invaluable resource to stay sharp in a constantly evolving landscape.

Our challenge on Amazon is always trying not to get surprised by any Amazon action. Since we do not have a Vendor Manager, the Marketplace Institute is a great platform for us to find our answers and ask questions.

Andrea Chen, Co-Founder of Best Pet Supplies

I liked that we kept the conversation to a handful of topics or less so we can deep dive into each matter. The examples you gave about packaging inserts were useful and specific. It was great that we were able to spend around 10 min or more on each topic because it gave the audience a chance to soak in the information.

Jennifer Chu, Amazon Category Optimizer at PetSafe

Kiri and Stefania are true experts in the Amazon marketplace marketing space. They provide insightful commentary about seller central, vendor central and display advertising. Their weekly Amazon News Digest newsletter offers trending stories in the world of Amazon and cleverly explores seller and vendor issues.

Hudson Eglin, Strategy Associate at Podean

Genuinely surprised at the value this newsletter provided. Looking forward to more!

Addison Everett, Amazon Brand Growth Specialist at Buy Box Experts

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Please note that this is a paid newsletter only: while I have left up some samples of past editions, only paying subscribers receive future editions & access to the Office Hours calls.

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